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Guide to bowls

If you've never played bowls before but really fancy giving it a go, then you might like to have a read of an article on the BBC Sport website which describes the game and how it works.
We have also linked below to two bowls videos from YouTube that may be worth a look.
The first clip, from Newport Harbour Bowling Club in California (USA), runs through the basics of bowls such as the bias, the green, rinks and bowls. This video lasts just over 3.5 minutes.

The second video, lasting 9.5 minutes, features Bowls Australia's National Coach Cameron Curtis talking to Australia TV station Navsports, about the physical and social benefits of playing bowls.
Clearly the second video is geared up to an Australian audience, but the principles & messages that Cameron Curtis puts across still apply to an English audience too.
If watching these videos has inspired you to take up bowls, then please get in touch with us at Nottingham IBC and ask about beginners sessions.


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